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Shandong Jingda Environmental Protection Technology Group Corporation

formerly known as Weifang Jingda Electromechanical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was established in the beautiful and intelligent Linqu in 2000. Since 2000, the company has established the modernized production management system and perfect after-sales service measures, passed through ISO9001: 2008 International Quality System Certification and obtained many honors and certificates.

The company's service is geared to chemical industry, printing and dyeing, steel, electronic, textile, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, electroplating, papermaking, metallurgy, bioengineering, petroleum refining and other industries. Based on the process design of water treatment engineering, the installation, commissioning and operation management of water treatment equipment...

Mission pursuit

Resolve to set up the world brand in the Chinese environmental protection industry, contribute to the working and life environment improvement and harmonious coexistence of human beings and environment, and develop into the respectable "four satisfaction enterprise".


Core value: Continuous innovation, perfection pursuit, simplicity, credibility and responsibility.

Company spirit

The essence of refinement is to seek for rules with the elaborate attitude, put forth strength on the key points and start with efficiency and results to solve the problems in the concise and direct manner.

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